Custom Bone-Fishing excursions with an experienced Fly Fisherman to Abaco and Long Island Bahamas.

This Bahamas trip is for those who really want to get away from the tourist areas and fish the old Bahamas. We are flown over by a professional pilot on a Cessna 310 twin prop out of Daytona Beach. We’ll land in Treasure Cay by the time customs opens and be on the water fishing by midday. This trip really packs a lot of fishing time in a short trip.

Most of our trips are 3-4 days and over weekends for those that cannot miss much work. We will fish from sun up to sun down not the 8 to 3 like most lodges. The majority of what we do is Bonefishing but there are species like Yellowtail Snapper, Grouper, Mutton Snapper and Jacks that frequent the waters. On an average trip it is likely that we will not see another boat fishing the entire time, however all fishing is done in cell phone reception areas and is extremely safe. As for the type of fishing it is mostly flyfishing for Bonefish but spinning gear can be used as well.

All food and lodging is included in the packages and lobster and fresh fish are always available on the menu. Conch fritters and cracked conch are a great snack as well that is what you can expect to see on the plate. No PB&J’s here! An average day will give you dozens of great shots at these prized Bonefish. Captain Shane will show his clients a great trip, catch them a ton of fish and make them a better fisherman by sharing the skills taught to him by other great flyfisherman!

Accommodates up to four anglers.

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